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Choose between Pure SSD or SSD cache (normal use)?

Should we choose a pure SSD for normal use or when should we choose SSD cache for purposes?
in Server Hardware
asked by svetlana

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Let's say you have a server or a simple computer which has a HDD of 500GB installed on and you haven't enough money to buy SSD, because SSD (of 500GB) is too expensive for you, then you should choose SSD cache.

If you can choose pure SSD, do it.

We are using SSD for our OpenVZ VPS plans for over an year and it really makes the difference. Speed, duration, reliability and much more.

Solid State Drives (SSD) are shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms. Hard Drives consist of various moving parts making them susceptible to shock and damage. So, SSD is more durable than HDD.

SSD can have 100 times greater performance, quicker boot ups and faster file transfers than HDD. So, SSD is faster than HDD.

SSD use significantly less power -> less than 2W (HDD: 6W). So, SSD consume less power than HDD.

Remember: SSD is cost efficient because one SSD delivers the performance of 100 hard drives (though it has a higher price per gigabyte than HDD).
by NETCreator

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