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E-commerce CMS WordPress vs. Joomla. What to choose?

I'm bit confused in CMS section...

Wordpress or Joomla?
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asked by maya

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WordPress and Joomla are created specially for content management. That's why both don't contain e-commerce sections (by only installing the CMS).

As time went on, Plugins/Components developers created e-commerce applications for Wordpress/Joomla. But Wordpress/Joomla are not designed by default for e-commerce... Both are the best for managing content. So if you want to use Wordpress/Joomla for e-commerce purposes you will have several utilities never used (such as Articles, Links, Comments, Image Galleries, Users - just some examples).

If you want to make an e-commerce site, I recommend you to use some clear applications dedicated to e-commerce solutions like OpenCart, TomatoCart etc...

Hope this help!
by NETCreator

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