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Are Google Search Results different by locations?

Is google search results different in different location?

I always see my site google search engine results different in different location.
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asked by belle

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Google Search is related to your location.

First, the search related content is based on google tld (.com, .fr, .co.uk, .de etc).

Second, the search related content is based on your own country (generated by your IP location).

Third, Google will try to find related local content (as your IP location too).

US based visitors will see the international related content (as appropiate). You should try to use proxy to check the international search related content.
If you have a Google account, the search content could be related to your most visited website. So, you could try to search by logging out from your Google Account.

Hope this Helps!

PS.: There are some setting related to search country/preferences in your Google account settings (if you have one).
by NETCreator

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