Modernizr 3.3.1

News - NETCreator - 2016-01-14 02:00:00

What a difference a day makes - we found a couple glaring bugs recently, and so we are releasing 3.3.1 right on the tail of 3.3.0


  • @a.shevchenko fixed an issue where the indexeddb check threw an error when cookies are blocked in Firefox - #1831
  • @patrickkettner fixed an issue where multiple build() calls in quick succession caused contaminated builds - #1832
  • @JaZo fixed a typo preventing an indexedDB subtest from ever runnning - #1834
  • @patrickkettner fixed an where the cli version of modernizr would crash when using the inline feature-detect flags - #1839


  • @alrra updated a bunch of documentation links to https - #1838

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