ownCloud iOS app 3.7 – now with OAuth2!

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OAuth2 now available for all devices

With the release of the new iOS version, all ownCloud users can now secure their accounts with OAuth2. With OAuth2, every device and 3rd party app that interacts with ownCloud receives an authorization key. This means that it no longer needs to know the password for the account to fulfill its purpose.

If a device is lost, this key can be easily revoked to keep your data safe. Your ownCloud password no longer needs to be stored on your phone. And soon it will also be possible to grant a device or a 3rd party app only some permissions. E.g. it could download files, but could not delete files or change the profile picture.

iPhone X: Face ID support

Starting with the introduction of iPhone X and Face ID you can use your face to unlock your phone. Using your face as an identification method is a very simple and intuitive method to prove that you are really you. Only shortly after its release, we integrated it into the ownCloud iOS app. The ownCloud iOS app can now be configured to be unlocked even if you phone is already unlocked using Face ID.

Combined with other ownCloud security measures it adds another layer of securing your data. Please be aware that there are some security concerns about Face ID. You should always use multiple layers of security and not rely on a single one.

Everything feels smoother

A lot has also happened with the UX. The app now feels smoother than ever before. We have also improved the performance of the iOS app to conserve your battery life.

The UI was refined to keep up with our current features. The server can forbid resharing of shared files at the moment. The iOS app now hides the sharing dialog if the user isn’t allowed to share a file.

Allow resharing in the ownCloud server

The login page has been completely reworked, things are simpler now. The URL of the ownCloud instance is now automatically recognized more easily. It also dynamically displays the type of authentication the server provides, whether simple login or with OAuth2.

Redesigned Login view


Login with OAuth2

Login without OAuth2


It is now also easier to manage multiple ownCloud accounts with the same app. Without thinking, you can switch between the different accounts. Credentials in the requests and in the keychain will be handled better. The app automatically renews the OAuth2 access tokens, for example. Also the session handling was improved and you can handle them from your server security settings.

Anonymous Uploads

And with the new Anonymous Uploads, others do not even have to have an account. ownCloud users can share a folder so that others can upload files but can not see the content. This is now possible with the iOS App. If someone wants to send you a file, but doesn’t have an ownCloud, you can send them a link for anonymous uploads.

Settings of an anonymous upload share

Anonymous upload in the browser



This is a short overview of the changes:

  • OAuth2 support
  • Redesign of the login view
  • Better UX for network warnings
  • Better handling of accounts
  • New option in public share link that allows you to share a folder for anonymous uploads
  • Reflect forbidden reshare server capability in app
  • Support for iOS 11
  • Face ID support for iPhone X, enable passcode from your settings view
  • And some bug fixing of course

You can always view what’s new in the iOS app on our changelog page.

Please notice, that this will be the last version with support for iOS 9. So if possible, you should upgrade your device.

Get the new version now


What do you think about the new improvements? Let us know by leaving a comment below or talk about it on social media!

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