Maintaining your old systems

Have an old and unmaintained computers network or software system? Even though everything seems outdated and useless, we are able to integrate it with the present. This way, your company saves money and won't stop working. We don't believe that new systems are better than old ones. We make you feel better with the systems which your employees are already accustomed. Why should you spend a lot of money on a new system while your old one is running just fine?

For now, these offers are available for Romania, Europe.

Featured products

Compaq Deskpro 800
Pentium® 3 800MHZ / 128MB RAM / 15GB HDD / CD-ROM

Refurbished Desktop System

Price: $180
Mitsubishi Floppy Disk
Model: MF355F-249OUC

Refurbished Floppy Disk

Price: $20
RAM Memory
Range: 32MB - 4GB

Refurbished RAM

Starting at: $7
(depending on specs)
Fujitsu V5535
Intel® Pentium® 1.6Ghz / 1GB DDR2 RAM / 160GB

Refurbished Laptop System

Price: $230
LG GCR-8523B
52x IDE CD-ROM Drive

Refurbished Compact Disk Drive

Price: $15
Hard Drive
Range: 4GB - 1TB

Refurbished Hard Drives

Starting at: $30
(depending on specs)