Open Source Projects

We are building open source projects and we are working to restore and continue the development of unmaintained open source projects. On this page you can find the list of Open Source Projects created by NETCreator and the list of our Open Source Restorations.

Open Source Projects by NETCreator

Free software is good, but open source is better, as it brings new ideas and connects people who could freedomly develop interesting projects, without any personal interest. This is the list of our Open Source Projects that we are developing.


LOco is a new lighweight high-performance static content management system which works locally, on your computer. The content is then automatically uploaded to your server.

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PannelLO is a new lighweight and high-performance Web Server Control Panel which is installed on your computer and remotely manages your VPS or Dedicated Server.

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Open Source Restorations

We believe that good software should not disappear over time. That's why we started restoring old open source projects that are no longer maintained. You can suggest us an abandonware open source project that you would like us to restore, at

Mambo Restored

Mambo was a free and open source content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites through a simple web interface. It is the one of the first content management systems, being created in 2000. Its last release was in 2008.

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