LOco is a new lighweight static content management system which works locally, on your computer. The content is then automatically uploaded to your server.


Dynamic generated websites are very popular these days, providing at a first-view many advantages over static HTML websites. However, there are many downsides on dynamic-generated websites, like:

To solve these problems we propose the creation of a new Open Source CMS which should contain the most important features of a dynamic-generated CMS, while running on your own computer, and generating a static website which could be uploaded to a server or used locally.

Target websites

This CMS is mainly dedicated but not limited to magazines, newspapers, blogs, personal websites, protofolio websites etc.

Proposed features

No need of backups

Your website is already stored on your computer or external storage so you don't need to download the entire website from your server. Do you want to make a copy of your website? It is easy. You can use copy and paste. It won't take much time.

No vulnerabilities on your server

Your website won't be exposed to security risks because of your CMS. All the CMS files will be stored on your computer. Your server will only host the content of your website.

Low resource usage

This CMS will generate a static website, so it will contain only HTML, CSS, JavaScript and your uploaded files, without PHP scripts or databases. So your server will be able to serve much-much more visitors than a server with dynamic generated content.

Website Portability

Your website is portable. You can store it on an external storage device and manage or present your on any computer. No need for an internet connection. Your website will just work.

No need of an internet connection

There is no more need of a stable internet connection when you update your website. You can manage your website when your internet connection is down or when you don't have an internet connection available. After connecting to the internet you'll be able to upload the files by pressing a button.

Your website will be uploaded by FTP

After each update of your website, all the updated files will be automatically uploaded to your server through File Transfer Protocol. Almost any server supports FTP.

Most CMS Features

It should provide the most important features of a CMS: content types, templates, widgets, menus, media manager etc.

100% custom website structure

You'll be able to manage your website structure exactly as you imagine it. The directory structure of your webite will become its own structure.


Your website will have its own JSON API, each post or page having its metadata stored in a JSON file.

Multiple authors

It should support multiple authors writting posts to the website, each of them having the option to publish pages in its own directory.

Templating system

Each page or post could use different templates.

Site-wide updates

Even if your website is static, the CMS should be able to update one of your templates site-wide, without the need of manually updating each page.

Automatically homepage update

You will be able to automatically display your latest posts on your homepage or on your sidebar.

Block-builder for pages

If you need to build a portofolio website, you'll be able to use a block-based page editor. You can also create custom HTML blocks.

You know your website

All the files of your website are yours. This CMS will not use nor create files, others than you want.

PHP Support

If you need some dynamic features like user accounts, search (and so on), you can also create PHP pages along with your static-generated pages.

Programming languages

The locally hosted back-end will be using PHP, NodeJS and Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). The public static front-end will be using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and optionally (for some dynamic functions such as search) PHP.


The project will be entirely available on Github. With the help of God, we hope the first version of the CMS will be available for download in the next months.

Supporting the development process

Any kind of donation is really appreciated. If you want to sponsorship our project, you can send your logo and website url to info@netcreator.us. Depending of the type of sponsorship, your logo will be published on this page, on Github and all our project-related pages (documentations, video presentations, social pages and so on).

If you want to make a donation, click here.


This will be released under the permissive Apache license.