Mambo Restored

Mambo Restored is our continuation of Mambo CMS, whose support and development was ended.

Mambo History

Mambo was one of the first open source content management systems with unique and great features, which is no longer maintained. Its last release was in 2008, even if minor updates were realized until 2011.

Mambo included features such as content management, page caching, templating, API, an interesting concept about menus, RSS feeds, extension possibilities, internationalization and so on.

The first steps

At this stage, we are working on updating the source code to be supported by the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. After that we'll launch a new Github Repository.


The project will be entirely available on Github (more on this soon).

Supporting the development process

Any kind of donation is really appreciated. If you want to sponsorship our project, you can send your logo and website url to Depending of the type of sponsorship, your logo will be published on this page, on Github and all our project-related pages (documentations, video presentations, social pages and so on).

If you want to make a donation, click here.