PannelLO is a new lighweight and high-performance Web Server Control Panel which is installed on your computer and remotely manages your VPS or Dedicated Server.


There are many web server control panels available, while a few of them are free. There should be more open source web server control panels providing unique features. Even if it is a common thing that a web server control panel is installed on the server itself, there are multiple disadvantages on that:

To solve these problems we propose the creation of a new Open Source Web Server Control Panel which should contain the most important features of a Control Panel, while running locally on your own computer (nothing related to the control panel will be installed on the server), and communicating with the server through SSH.

Target servers

This web panel is mainly dedicated but not limited to personal servers of companies, privates or web designers. It is not intended for reselling web hosting, as it hasn't separated user accounts, but one administrator account.

Target operating systems

PannelLo will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it will be able to manage CentOS and Debian Servers.

Expected features

Local updates

You don't need to worry about how will finish the control panel updates on your server, because the control panel is located on your computer.

Panel's files are not publicly exposed

All the control panel files are only located on your computer.

Low resource usage

Sometimes Control Panels contain background scripts, adding some unnecessary overhead.

Multiple PHP Versions

You will be able to choose between multiple versions of PHP.

PHP Configuration Editor

You will be able to edit php.ini variables.

Database Manager

You will be able to manage databases, user accounts, permissions etc. MariaDB and/or PostgreSQL will be available.

Large database importer

You will be able to import large databases without any size limit.

Domain Manager

You will be able to add domains, subdomains, aliases.


You will be able to generate free SSL Certificates using Let's Encrypt, or use your own SSL Certificate.

Apache WebServer

Your web server will use Apache, which serves millions of websites today.

Back-up manager

You will be able to build websites back-ups, which will be stored on your computer. A sync function could be added.

Web Stats (optionally)

You will be able to access stats about your website's visitors. Only the access logs will be stored on your server. The analyzer software will be located on your computer.

Cron Jobs

You will be able to schedule and manage cron jobs on your server.

Email Accounts

You will be able to manage e-mail accounts and communications protocols. A mail client should be available, too.

FTP Accounts

You will be able to manage FTP accounts for your server.

Programming languages

The project will be using PHP, NodeJS and Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).


The project will be entirely available on Github. With the help of God, we hope the first version of the Control Panel will be available for download in the next months.

Supporting the development process

Any kind of donation is really appreciated. If you want to sponsorship our project, you can send your logo and website url to Depending of the type of sponsorship, your logo will be published on this page, on Github and all our project-related pages (documentations, video presentations, social pages and so on).

If you want to make a donation, click here.


This will be released under the permissive Apache license.