Tech Tutorials

Here you can find a list of tech tutorials regarding web server administration and programming (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash etc). Also, you'll be able to find software recommendations. We do the best to regularly add new tutorials and ready-made scripts.

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Vintage Devices Reviews

Technology is evolving or maybe not. We believe that many of old devices are better and last much longer than actual devices. That's why we started the Vintage Devices Reviews project. We want to prove that you can keep and use your old devices and that they can perform better than new ones. We want to promote the real value, not the commercial value of things.

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Open Source Projects

We are building open source projects and we are working to restore and continue the development of unmaintained open source projects. Good open source software should not disappear over time. That's why we started to restore old open source projects that are no longer maintained. Here you can find the list of Open Source Projects created by NETCreator and the list of our Open Source Restorations.

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Maintaining your old systems

Have an old and unmaintained computers network or software system? Even though everything seems outdated and useless, we are able to integrate it with the present. This way, your company saves money and won't stop working. We don't believe that new systems are better than old ones. We make you feel better with the systems which your employees are already accustomed.

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