NETCreator CMS 1.8.0 launched! Over 610 000 FREE images for your website!

News - NETCreator - 2016-04-06 11:42:00

Today, NETCreator launched a new version of NETCreator CMS, v1.8.0.

This new version comes with a new great feature for your website... it comes with over 610 000 free (licensed) images which you can use on your own website!

In your NETCreator File Manager you can search now, in addition to the images on your server, for one ore more free images you can use on your website.

All images are licensed under Creative Commons CC0, so you can use all images without attributing the original author or source.

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That's great, because most websites administrators do not think about copyright and they simply use images from Google Images. Now, you don't need to search images on web.

Thereby, NETCreator CMS is first CMS with a database of free images, in the world.

Check more NETCreator CMS features, here

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